Brasov day trips


Activities in Brasov

Recreational activities

Bike rental

For bike riding fans, we offer organised tours in Brasov and in the surroundings. Biking is the best way to get around and experience the vibrancy of the city. Plan your adventure in Brasov with us!


Tandem flight is a safe and enjoyable alternative for he who wants to experience the sensations of free flight without having to go through a long learning and training process. Unlike single flight, all it takes for the tandem flight is a 10-minute training, before you are in air for the first time, and with no need to spend days in training.
Paragliding tour

Horse riding - Cross-Country

We offer different equestrian programs to riders of all levels, from very beginners to experienced riders. You can choose of exploring the beautiful wild nature either horseback or in a haywagon, take riding lessons in the arena or just stay around with the horses. We will try our best to adapt the rides according to your wishes.
Horse riding tour

Aventura Park

The biggest adventure park in Romania. A new open-air activity. An activity that combines health, play, enthusiasm, and adventure. Fun for everybody: family, children, fellows. Fun that reunites nature, courage, and performance. A game, but still a technique, surpassing one's limits, adrenaline. Discover the forest from the top of the trees, passing through the 100 games divided into 8 tracks of progressive difficulties.

Aquatic Paradise

Modern pools, covered or open air, water runways, top class SPA, saunas, restaurant and playground for children, all in one place, meant to award you with a moment of relaxation and fun, the Water Paradise.

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