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Brasov Day Trip Tours in Transylvania

Transylvanian Alps Tour

Tour route:
Brasov - Fagaras - Balea Cascada (Balea Waterfall) - Balea Lac (Balea Lake) - Brasov

Included in Transylvanian Alps Tour:

- pick-up from any address in Brasov
- transportation
- all entrance fees

Tour duration:
full day

only from June to November

Brasov tour departure:
9 AM - meeting point or any other address in Brasov


2 persons 68 €/person
3-4 persons 53 €/person
5-7 persons 43 €/person

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Fagaras Stronghold

Built in the 15th century on the ruins of a wooden construction, in the South Eastern Part of Transylvania, the Fagaras stronghold had great importance in defending the region in the medieval times.

Fagaras Fortress and Castle were wholly built in brick. At present, the castle has 80 rooms, and the fortress is still surrounded by a moat which is deep and wide. At times of war or social unrest in the area, the moat could easily fill with water from a mountain brook nearby, whose course had been specially deviated to this purpose. The citadel was ranked among the strongest in Transylvania, standing in the way of Turkish and Tartar invasions. Its massive walls, towers and tall roofs are arranged in the shape of a trapezium with four corners provided with four large bastions. Access is made through a bridge over the defence moat. At the centre of the citadel stands the castle. It has three levels, i.e. basement, ground floor, first floor and five towers, i.e. the Red Tower, the Black Tower, the Prison's Tower, Tomori Tower and the Motley Tower.

Balea Cascada (Balea Waterfall)

Balea Waterfall, located in the Fagaras Mountains, is one of the most famous waterfalls in Romania, is at an altitude of 1234 meters and the water falls from 68 meters.

Balea Lac (Balea Lake)

Balea Lake is a glacier lake situated at 2,034 m of altitude in the Fagaras Mountains, in Sibiu County, is 360 meters long, 240 meters broad and 11 meters depth. There are two chalets opened all the year round, a meteorological station and a mountain rescue (Salvamont) station. It is accessible by car on the Transfagarasan road during the summer, and the rest of the year by a cable car from the "Balea Waterfall" chalet.

In 2006, the first ice hotel in Eastern Europe was built in the vicinity of the lake.

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