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Relaxation Tour

Tour route:
Brasov - Baile Balvanyos (Balvanyos Baths) - Lacul Sfanta Ana (Saint Anne Lake) - Baile Tusnad (Tusnad Baths) - Brasov

Included in Relaxation Tour:

- pick-up from any address in Brasov
- transportation
- all entrance fees

Tour duration:
full day

all year

Brasov tour departure:
9 AM - meeting point or any other address in Brasov


2 persons 63 €/person
3-4 persons 48 €/person
5-7 persons 43 €/person

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Baile Balvanyos (Balvanyos Baths)

There are many mineral springs with carbogaseous, ferruginous, calcic, hypotonic waters recommended in treatment of cardiovascular diseases (asthenia neuroses, degenerative and abarticular rheumatic disorders, gastritis with hypoacidity, as at so). The resort has establishments with facilities for warm baths of carbogaseous mineral water in tubs and pools, mofette installations, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy facilities.

Lacul Sfanta Ana (Saint Anne Lake)

Saint Anne Lake lies in the crater of a dead volcano, the Csomad, at an altitude of 950 meters. In the prehistoric ages, there were other lakes in the crater, which, by now, got filled up with decaying remains of old trees, dry leaves, and the area turned into a bushy, lightly forested, boggy land, called the Mohos-lap. It becomes a very dangerous place, especially after long rainy periods, when the soft peat becomes so marshy that it inevitably sucks down everything heavy. The Saint Anna lake is surrounded by legends, mysteries and miracles. Even the shape of the lake is not usual; it looks like a large tear-drop. The lake is not fed by any brook or stream, the only water supply is the rain, therefore, the waters of the lake is nearly as pure as distilled water. The area of the lake was not only believed to be a hiding place for pagan gods, but also has been and still is one of the most respected sacred place for the Christian Seklers. Pilgrimage to the Saint Anna lake has been a custom since the 12th century, which is confirmed by documents telling about a wooden St. Anna chapel by the lake. By 1564, a stone chapel was built, and the popularity of the pilgrimage reached its apex during the 17-18th centuries when 30,000-40,000 pilgrims gathered here, and the event lasted for days. It became a tradition for the young to gather here every year, to find a partner, under the guardianship of Saint Anna, who made sure that the young find one another. Saint Anna, mother of Virgin Mary, was the patrona of the young adult girls and the expectant mothers, but the infertile also prayed to her for pregnancy. The Saint Anna lake remains a common gathering place for the Sekler youth, even today.

Baile Tusnad (Tusnad Baths)

Baile Tusnad (Tusnad Baths) is situated in the valley of the Olt river, between Southern Harghita mountains and Ciumatul volcanic massif, balneo-climateric health-resort at 650 m above sea level.

A total of 44 springs can be found here, which from 6 are used currently, four of them (Stanescu, Apor, Ileana and Mikes springs) for external treatments (baths). As internal cure are recommended for the following diseases: Cardio-vascular system, chronical gastrithis chronical hepatho-colecistites, digestive system. As external cure: metabolic system, rheumatic, cardio-vascular system, neurasthenias, diseases of the locomotory system.

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